About Us
WATCHCOMPANY ESTABLISHED 1973 I'm 79 years old, and have been serving vintage watch collectors for over 46 years. The first nineteen years (1973 - 1992) saw the operation of a vintage watch retail location in West Los Angeles, California. From 1992 to present we have been operating by appointment only and the internet with WATCHCOMPANY.COM. Yes, I guess you could refer to me as "an old timer" in this business. In 1973 I was a corporate employee and a clock and watch collector. It all began with an interesting idea. In 1973, I would purchase huge quantities of watches & clocks at NAWCC conventions and sell them at a local flee market. That was the Westwood Village midnight flee market located in California next to the U.C.L.A. Campus. I sold buckets of watches in as is condition publicly for what ever cheap price the marked would bear for the next four years. It was a hobby gone public! A vintage watch industry that became international was born right there! Yes, I love doing this, because every watch has a unique history and represents the most expensive personal object a man owned in it's day. Yes, I am addited to the business of collecting vintage watches, however, I am not my client's competitor!

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