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THE WATCHCOMPANY ESTABLISHED 1973 We have been serving vintage watch collectors for over 35 years. The first nineteen years (1973 - 1992) saw the operation of a vintage watch retail location in West Los Angeles, California. From 1992 to present we have been operating by appointment only and the internet with WATCHCOMPANY.COM. Yes, I guess you could refer to me as "an old timer" in this business. In 1973 I was a corporate employee and a clock and watch collector. It all began with an interesting idea. In 1973, I would purchase huge quantities of watches & clocks at NAWCC, WWT, and IWJG conventions and sell them at a local flee market. That was the Westwood Village midnight flee market located in California next to the U.C.L.A. Campus. I sold buckets of watches in as is condition publicly for what ever cheap price the market would bear for the next four years. It was a hobby gone public! A vintage watch industry that became international a few years latter was born right there! Yes, I love doing this, because every watch has a unique history and represents the most important and expensive personal object a man owned in it's day. Yes, I am adicted to the business of collecting vintage watches, however, I do not compete with my clients. We have sold over 3000 watches on E-Bay since 1998 with over 99% positive feedback. You can buy from us with confidence. I am here to serve my collector client friends! Good hunting, and please consider bookmarking this site. Regards, Lance Thomas/watchcompany.com Today we specialize in Rolex and Omega Logo Buckles on straps that complete the watch and vintage watches that hold value and protect the investment of our collector friends. We therefore, specialize in rare American Pocket Watches, vintage Omega, early mechanical chronographs of all manufacturers, vintage Rolex, and many other selected unique vintage watches. Our inventory is very much like a museum of vintage watches for sale Please cut and paste this link in your brouser for more history: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqhQbJ8M3vM

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